about us

 We are modern artisans based in Andalucia, southern Spain. We create unique products and functional, wearable pieces that combine art, craft, fashion and design. As a small group of gourmets, designers and lovers of all things natural, we are inspired by the world around us and every day here, life unfolds a whole new story... 

As organic growers we are a small hands on team who constantly nurture, harvest and re-plant. Many of the raw ingredients that go into our products are grown ourselves or wild harvested and most other additional supplies are locally sourced. We have been making and selling our natural products to private clients for over ten years. 

  Our life is pro-active in recycling, up-scaling and being creative with what we've got. We minimize our use of plastics and are constantly striving to improve our carbon footprint.
 As part of the product development process we spend thoughtful time on how the piece may be transported. Most of our packaging has been designed to keep so that it is not just another throw-away item.