Make it Colorful!

fruit in a glass

Color is my inspiration, a yellow brick road to all the senses. Healing, balancing and connecting - affecting mood, energy and emotions. Here are some vibrant foods for uplift, not just good looking but great to taste too - natural, wholesome tastes, refined a little in presentation maybe but no over tinkering - just keeping it simple.

Avocado, paw paw, chives and black sesame

The avocado and paw paw, a few chives, olive oil and black sesame, a simple vibrant combination that needs nothing else.

Sweet potato, vine tomato, red onion and lime

In the veg market (and sometimes from the bakers) you can buy baked sweet potatoes. These are wonderful to eat with a few flakes of salt but if you have a little more time cut them into thick slices and char-grill them for that extra flavor layer. Combine with slices of ripe plum tomatoes, thinly sliced red onion, lime zest, fresh coriander and olive oil.

Seared swordfish with green peppers, red currants & chives
Thick cut slices of fantastically fresh swordfish, complemented by tart redcurrants, subtle chives and flavorful peppers – served with lemon, sea salt flakes and extra virgin olive oil.

Energy boost

Mango, pomegranate and strawberry pulped, layered and knocked back immediately.

Char grilled vegetables with wild thyme

Zucchini, peppers, leeks, extra virgin olive oil, lemon juice, coarsely ground black pepper and a handful of thyme leaves – what more could you need.

Watermelon, fresh cheese, extra virgin olive oil

A sublime combination in the summer heat – clean light and uplifting.

© Images from Helen Bartlett’s Cookbook: Fountainhead Food 'Cooking in Andalucia'