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Fountainhead hamper box
Fountainhead olive oil box
Fountainhead olives
spa beauty
house and home
Patterned pin cushions
6x6cm digital print on heavy cotton, ribbon tie, felt back
artificial fibre filling six colours see more images for reference
4.50 Euros
felt sequin flower trinkets
Felt sequin flower trinket
8x8cm felt, beaded and sequined flowers, ribbon hanger, four
colours, see more images for reference
6.50 Euros
one size, 100% silk black with white spots crepe de chine,
cotton pinstripe border and sash, matt black gift box
125.00 Euros
Silk by Ma'at
Box and cushion sets
Cushion 20x20cm complete patchwork vintage fabrics
Box 15cm dia x15cm high vintage fabrics, lined interior. See
more images for colour variations

65.00 Euros
Books and stationery
little spiral bound notebooks
Spiral bound notebook
laminated pattern print cover white paper 80g 100 pages
105x105mm see more images for colour references
5.00 Euros each
landscape andalucia fine print cards
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a spa retreat for her
a weekend for two
gift voucher
Gift vouchers
Tailor made and personalized a gift for any amount...
a shopping treat whilst here 50.00 Euros

a meal for two including wine 100.00 Euros

24 hours at Fountainhead, an overnight stay for two DBB
inclusive 270.00 Euros

a 2 night weekend away DBB inclusive for two 540.00 Euros

a two day spa retreat for her  all inclusive of treatments,
car and driver transfers 600.00 Euros

email us
info@fountainheadinspain.com or info@wildoriginstore.com

Fountainhead cookbook
Fountainhead cookbook
by Helen Bartlett 252 pages full colour soft back
boxed for Christmas
25.00 Euros
Christmas card gold leaf cross
Christmas card gold leaf
gold leaf cross on yellow acrylic with envelope, hand produced
signed and numbered by artist blank inside size 105x148mm
4.50 Euros each
Fine art print landscapes of Andalucia set of four cards
with envelopes blank inside
size 105x148mm

9.50 Euros
six abstract cards and envelopes
Set of six abstract cards
with envelopes blank inside
size 105x148mm

10.50 Euros
set six patterned cards and envelopes
Set of six patterned cards
design by Ma'at with envelopes, blank inside
size 105x148 mm

10.50 Euros
sketch book hard back
Hard backed sketch book
100 sheets 148x210mm Canson art paper 100g pink ribbon
book marker, digital print canvas cover and cover reverse
16.00 Euros
spiral bound notebooks
Spiral bound notebooks
100 pages 148x210mm plain white paper 100g two colourways
'white pink' (pink inside cover) 'floral abstract' (blue inside cover)

10.50 Euros
six patterned notebooks by Ma'at
Six patterned notebooks
Boxed gift set design by Ma'at 24 pages each notebook, 80g
plain white paper 105x148 mm

16.50 Euros
floral notebooks
Six floral notebooks
Boxed gift set, 24 pages each notebook, 80g plain white paper
size 105x148 mm

16.50 Euros
six landscapes andalucia notebooks
Six landscapes notebooks
Boxed gift set, 24 pages each notebook, 80g plain white paper
size 105x148 mm

16.50 Euros
food notebooks
Six food notebooks
Boxed gift set, 24 pages each notebook, 80g plain white paper
size 105x148 mm

16.50 Euros
abstract floral notebooks
Six abstract floral notebooks
Boxed gift set, 24 pages each notebook, 80g plain white paper
size 105x148 mm

16.50 Euros
fairy notebooks
Six fairy notebooks
Boxed gift set,24 pages each notebook.80g plain white paper
size 105x148 mm

16.50 Euros
My first illustrated ABC special edition
My first illustrated ABC
by Belle Hartnett special edition 96 pages hard backed book in
full colour with inspired illustrations, the book comes in a special
patchwork keepsake pouch
36.00 Euros        
Peacock and Bee books and colouring set
Peacock and Bee books
special edition gift pack includes The Peacock is an Alien and My
friend the carpenter bee by Belle Hartnett, 32 pages colour picture
books, an 8 page colouring booklet, a box of colouring pencils

17.50 Euros
Bedtime story collection
Bedtime story collection
by Amelina Jones, charming special edition, nine booklets 24
pages each, illustrated in full colour in presentation gift box
32.00 Euros     
walk with me child's first prayer book
Walk with me - a child's first book of prayer
special edition in presentation box with cotton ribbon bag, 96
pages, full colour, hard backed, simple words straight from the
heart that cross all boundaries and all faiths
32.00 Euros
decorative vintage cushions
Decorative vintage cushions
40x40cm complete cushion designed using vintage fabrics,
embroidered saris and ribbon each unique. See more images
for for different designs
65.00 Euros
hand painted silk cushions by Ma'at
Hand painted silk cushions
35x35cm complete cushion, striking designs each signed
by the artist. See more images for different designs

55.00 Euros
hand painted silk scarves
Hand painted silk scarves
90x90cm unique and beautiful limited editions of 5 signed by
the artist. See more images for various designs

85.00 Euros
ABC baby quilts
bright colorful patchwork quilts double sided orange pink and
green blue, cotton, felt, mixed fibre, 66x64cm see more images
65.00 Euros
pretty vintage apron for her
Pretty vintage style apron
'its your turn darling!' one size, ties to waist and neck,
heavy white cotton, gingham lace trim
see more images 

54.00 Euros
apron gift set for men
Apron gift set for men
long, black professional waiter's apron, traditional linen tea towel &
the washing up liquid that men love to use! see more images
46.00 Euros 
white lace lavender bag
Linen and lace lavender bag gift box
wild harvested lavender from our hill, pretty linen with fine lace trim
gift box with clear lid 20x20cm
18.00 Euros
lavender dream pillow
Lavender dream pillow
27x21cm beautiful print by Amelina Jones, muslin lining filled
with lavender heads, perfect for soothing sleep and dreams
36.00 Euros
chamomile dream pillow
Chamomile sleep pillow
27x21cm illustrations by Amelina Jones, cotton print, muslin lining
filled with chamomile flowers, perfect for younger ones
36.00 Euros
jasmine dream pillow
Jasmine dream pillow 
42x30cm pretty dream inspired digital print on heavy cotton by
Amelina Jones, muslin lining filled with jasmine flowers 
45.00 Euros
potpourii box
Potpourri box gift set
wooden box 15x120x90mm containing organics gathered from
our hills with spice from Africa & a unique essential oil blend 10ml
18.50 Euros
just mother and baby
Just mother and baby
mother & baby oil 110ml, mother & baby lavender powder 15ml,
mother & baby chamomile roman cream 15ml, gift box with clear
lid 21x5cm
17.50 Euros    
just hands and nails
Just hands and nails
lavender hand wash 110ml, treatment hand cream 15ml,
intensive repair nail and cuticle wax 15ml, gift box with clear
lid 21x5cm
17.50 Euros    
guest soaps
Boxed set of guest soaps
seven handcrafted olive oil soaps, lavender, rosemary, almond, 
sweet fennel, wild thyme, cinnamon, rose geranium, 200g total
gift box 11x5cm
15.00 Euros   
his and her spa soaps
His and her spa bath soaps
pure, chunky, olive oil clay bath soaps, cedar wood, marjoram &
juniper for him, jasmine for her 400g total, gift box 8x8cm
17.50 Euros  
spa body cube
Spa body cube
rosemary bath salts 130g, lavender and sweet fennel body lotion
100ml, luxurious dead sea salt body scrub 200ml, 2 olive oil guest
soaps 25g, hypoallergenic natural sponge, gift box 10x10cm

42.00 Euros   
spa foot cube
Spa foot cube
foot bath organics 10g, peppermint treatment foot cream 200ml,
soothing foot massage oil 30ml, deodorizing foot powder 60g, 
2 antibacterial tea tree foot soaps 25g, gift box 10x10cm
42.00 Euros   
spa facial cube
Spa facial cube
organic rose water 100ml, rose petal steam 10g, pink clay and rose
treatment mask 50ml, rose day cream 30ml, lemon cleanser 30ml,
2 olive oil guest soaps 25g, cotton flannel, gift box 10x10cm
45.00 Euros  
Spa box anti-stress
herbal steam 15g, lavender bath rocks 90g, bergamot anti-stress
massage oil 110ml, 2 olive oil guest soaps 25g, ylang ylang super
relax bath milk 110ml, gift box 14x12cm
36.00 Euros       
spa box for men
Spa box for men
eucalyptus steam 5g, tea tree aftershave spritz 25ml, cedar wood
bath spa soap 200g, rosemary dead sea bath salts 130g,
refreshing body wash 110ml, cotton flannel, gift box 14x12cm

37.00 Euros   
marinated olives
marinated with garlic, ginger, cumin, spices, extra virgin olive
oil, 500g cylindrical packing case
16.50 Euros
extra virgin olive oil

organic, extra virgin, cold pressed, harvested by hand from our
own trees, 750ml bottle packed in traditional wooden wine case
15.50 Euros
hamper box

ten of our best selling hand produced food gifts packed into a
handsome wooden wine crate ready to ship for Christmas.

75.00 Euros  
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